At this point I have gotten like maybe about 6 comments (here, via email, tumblr, twitter etc) that all go like this:
“Why are you so mad at xsexuals!?”
“Do you have more info on xsexuals? i think I may be one”

Because apparently people can’t read I’m going to state this again;
The “x” isn “xsexual/x-sexual” is a STAND IN. It means “put your prefix here” which means you can stick in bi,hetero,homo,pan,a,demi,omni,grey-ace,andro,gyno sapio WHATEVER
It is so when I’m writing I don’t have to type all THAT every.single.line. Because multipule sexualities might pull the same fucked up shit so it’s easier to use then naming them every single line.Because in the future members of a group I failed to mention might do the same thing and thus by using “x” the point is still relevant. It means “insert the person or group doing this stupid shit here”

No you can’t be an “xsexual” no there is no xsexual pride flag.No websites.No parades because it is a freaking literary short hand.
I’m going to go BOLD the part that explains it in the orginal so people will you know READ IT


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